Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Five Petal Fabric Flower Tutorial

Hey scrappers and stampers! I have a DIY project for you today! You may  have seen these before, but I'm sure many of you have no idea how to make them. So I'm going to show you how!

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First off, materials:

- Fabric
- Strong thread (I suggest embroidery thread)
- Button or Brad
- Sewing needle
- Circle Template (I used the ring of a bowl)
- Marker or pen
- Scissors

1. Trace or draw five circles on the BACK side of your fabric.

2. Cut out the circles. They don't need to be perfect at all, just do your best!

3. Turn your circles over so the back side is facing up. Fold the circle in half so the front side is on the outside. Thread your needle and push it through the far right corner, through both layers.

4. In a weaving fashion, thread the needle through the whole top curve of the circle, being careful not to pull the thread all the way through until the end.

5. Push the needle all the way through the first circle, which I will now call a petal. With the thread still attached, do the same thing you did to the first petal to the second petal. When you get done with them, they will look like this:

6. Right now the petals are fanned out, don't worry about that. We'll fix that. Continue to do the same thing to the remaining 3 circles.

7. Right now your needle and thread are coming from the last petal you just made. Without unthreading the needle, pull on both ends of the thread (seen here on left and right). Then push the needle from the last petal through the first petal on the other end.

8. Pull it tight (be very careful not to pull too hard or you'll break your thread) and thread it back through the opposite way you just threaded it to secure the flower. Unthread your needle and then tie the two ends of the thread a few times and trim the excess ends of the thread.

9. This is what you should have now!

10. Add what you like to the center: a button, brad, pearl, etc.

Voila! You have a beautiful flower. Stay tuned for a video tutorial!


  1. I am so glad I found you! About 15 years ago, I got into the Stampin Up craze with a few moms at our preschool. It slowly faded away, but I have EVERYTHING in my closet. I hope to find some inspiration to start again!



  2. These are so cute - thanks for the tutorial, I might have to try these out this weekend.

  3. thank you for showing me how to make the flowers.
    Thanks for sharing your art also
    sherrill graff


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