Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gardener's Hand Scrub - MUST Try!

I've been working on craft fair projects to fill my time. Thankfully my carpal tunnel has died down a lot. But I recently got second degree burns from being out in the sun with inferior sun block and that has slowed me down a lot. It's certainly been very painful, but the final scabs and blisters are on their way out so the ordeal is almost over! :)

One craft fair project is gardener's hand scrub. This stuff is AMAZING. I found out how to make it from One Good Thing by Jillee HERE. It's easy and fast. Here are my jars, $4 for a pack of 4 at Meijer.

I used half pint Ball Mason Jars and tied ribbon around the rims. I made the label
in Photoshop, printed it on adhesive-backed paper, and punched each label out with
a circle punch.

I put them back in the original packaging so getting them to the craft show will be easier.

The directions are straight from Jillee's website on how to make this wonderful hand scrub!

Isn't the pink color so pretty?! And it smells heavenly. Not to mention your hands will be baby soft after using it. So whip yourself up a batch and enjoy it after those dirty jobs...or just when you need to wash your hands ;)

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  1. Katie, love your blog. I will have to try this out.



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