Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WOWing Customers from your Online Shop

This post is for those of you have an online shop or business. I have found that personalization is everything in returning customers. I have a wonderful customer that we'll call Betty that has returned over and over again because she was delightfully surprised by the care I took in packaging everything and making it personal. I cannot tell you how valuable a customer she is!

What I do is make sure that my product is packaged neatly. Nothing is crammed into bags, it's all packaged as if it were on display at a store. You don't have to go as far as tissue wrapping everything, but if you can do that with some ribbon, that's always a memorable thing for me when I receive packages. I just wish I could wrap with tissue paper better! Another important aspect is the thank you card. I hand make every thank you card that goes into my packages now. And they're not just an embossed piece of card stock with a thank you sentiment, I actually decorate it and make it look genuine. Some of you may not have time, but if you can get one simple design figured out and make several at once assembly line-style, you'll have a stash to go to when you make a sale.

This next part is controversial and TOTALLY optional. I like to include free gifts. If it's a first-time customer I include something small and relevant to their order. If it's for a repeat customer I get a little more generous. My customers truly appreciate this and it has gotten me repeat business, well making up for what I've sent in free product.

Finally, I always message my buyers and let them know when their package has shipped and the tracking number. I want to make sure they know I am on top of things and care about their experience with me and my shop.

Hopefully this was helpful to some of you!

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